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Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

We have a variety of water efficient options including low evaporation drip emitters, Hunter MP Rotator nozzles, Toro Precision nozzles, and wireless rain sensors.

We install state-of-the-art, professionally designed, fully automatic residential sprinkler systems:

  • We achieve head to head coverage using high quality pop-up spray heads and quiet gear rotor heads for lawn areas.
  • We can water hard to reach flower beds and gardens with micro-sprays, underground drip/soakers, and 6” or 12” pop-up spray heads.
  • We use high-tech, multi-program, modular, digital controllers for maximum water schedule flexibility, easy programming, and efficient water use.
  • We can convert your existing manual system to fully automatic one with new high quality electronic valves and digital controllers.
  • We include free winterizations the first year with any new system.
  • We provide excellent warranties and offer great service after the job is done.

For many landscape companies, sprinklers are an afterthought. At VerTech we focus particularly on irrigation because we understand that a good sprinkler system can save both water and money for decades to come.